Quality Waterproofing For Your Internal And External Wet Areas

Installation of tiles is not the only task a professional tiling contractor should offer to the clients. Waterproofing of those tiles is also highly important. The durability of the construction depends on the same; hence you should not take it casually.

Nationwide Stone Masonry & Tiling is your most trusted tiling expert in Melbourne. As a professional team, we offer quality waterproofing service for your internal and external wet areas. We use Polyurethane for waterproofing your wall and floor tiles to keep them safe from water damages and leakages. Our experts know how to choose the right sealing material for your tiles as per their types and patterns. We ensure your designated areas will remain dry after our waterproofing treatment will be done.

Professional Waterproofing Service – Give Your House Full Protection From Water Damage

Perfect Waterproofing For Your Residence

It can be your bathroom, balcony, pool area or water tanks that you want to make waterproofed. When you hire the experts of Nationwide Stone Masonry & Tiling, you can have every solution under one roof.

Advanced Torch Applied Membrane Waterproofing

Whenever you need constant waterproofing membrane for your property, we can provide you with the Torch Applied Membrane. This is a perfect solution for areas like the basement, tunnels, water tanks, or other foundations which demands tight protection from water damage. Our experts have adequate knowledge about this process and use the right device to apply the same. Therefore, you will obtain a perfect result at your home when we execute the task of Torch Applied Membrane.

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